One would think that airline flights for the team would be cheaper, but we also have to consider that every player and coach will mostly like have more than 1 bag (1 bag for clothing, 1 bag for equipment). Airlines typically charge a fee for a second or third bag. Some airlines now charge for the first bag. There is also team equipment (footballs, etc.) that need to be sent.
In addition, bulk airline seats need to be purchased multiple months in advance and paid for in full at the time of purchase. Since we do not pick the travel team until the Sunday following the first Monday in November; the exact number of seats needed is not known until the travel team is selected; and the team is self-funded, we do not have the capability of purchasing bulk airline seats in advance. It is virtually impossible to get enough seats on the same flight for the entire team and coaching staff within a month of the AYF National Championships. Airline ticket purchases that close to travel are usually priced higher.

bThe team will need transportation in the Kissimmee area. Rental of a bus for the duration of the stay in Kissimmee can run as high as $5,000.00.
The bus cost will be partially offset by the sale of the extra seats on the bus. More on that later.