AYF Safety Awareness

At American Youth Football we understand that safety is the first priority when it comes to your child’s participation. From background checks and concussion awareness, to education , we take pride in our safety first risk management, which provides the most professional and safe environment for your child to play.

Age-based Football
Multiple studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic and USA Football have shown that the biggest risk factor in youth football isn’t weight, but age. The AYF All-American Division allows kids of the same age, regardless of size, to play on the same team and against opponents of the same age.

Concussion Awareness

There is no band aid solution to the concussion issue which exists at every level of play. To insure the well being of young athletes, AYF continues to insist on proper instruction by competent coaches and most important, in a culture of good sportsmanship

*ALL coaches are required to complete the online CDC Heads up Online Concussion Training. A copy of the certificate of completion and successful scoring on the CDC Concussion test must be kept in the team book. If a coach completes an additional seminar or course on concussions, a certificate of completion and successful scoring on the test must be kept in the team book.

Background Checks

All volunteers, coaches, administrators and team moms must undergo thorough background checks annually to ensure the safety of the participants.

American Sport Education Program

AYF has partnered with The American Sport Education Program (ASEP), the leading provider of youth, high school and elite level education programs. Together, AYF and ASEP have worked with the philosophy that athletes come first and winning second.

All AYF football and cheer coaches are strongly advised to complete an online course designed by AYF and ASEP. The course, for only $24.95, includes a $2 million extra liability coverage, which is twice the amount offered by our competition. Those coaches who take the course will obtain a certification of completion and get listed in the National Coaches Registry.

To learn more about AYF/AYC coach training programs go to AYFcoaching.com or asep.com.

Coaching The Right Way

Joe Galat, AYF President, co-authored a book called “Coaching Youth Football,” a great introduction to teaching young athletes the valuable skills they need to play football. From communicating as a coach and providing for players’ safety to teaching offensive and defensive skills and tactics, the book provides all of the information you need to help 8 – 14-year-olds learn and enjoy the game of football.

To view and buy a copy of this book and other coaching books and information go to AYFcoaching.com.