Most players selected for the team start on both offense and defense for their regular season teams. Please keep in mind that we will have 24 – 30 players who are all starters on their respective teams. They all can’t be starters on an All Star team.

One other thing to note is that our coaches will identify positions for each player that make the best use of their athletic skills and afford each player the chance to maximize their playing time. Just because a player was a running back during the regular season doesn’t mean that child will be a running back on the All Star team. Again, we will identify the best fit for each player on our team. We understand that may be difficult to accept so we need to know up front if your child will not participate unless they play a certain position. In that case, we will judge the child against the other players we feel are best suited for that position and make a decision on how they perform against their peers. The more flexible you and your child are, the better their chances are of making the travel team.
The coaching staff is committed to getting all the players as much playing time as possible, but we can’t make any guarantees.