Blackstone Valley is a Cooperative

As a cooperative youth football a cheerleading conference, BVYFC belongs to the member associations—associations who have organized to provide themselves and their communities with a youth football and cheerleading conference that serves them.

The member-associations share equally in the control of Blackstone Valley Youth Football Conference. They meet at regular intervals, hear detailed reports, and elect directors from among themselves. The directors, in turn,manage the day-to-day affairs of the conference in a way that services the associations’ interests.

Quality Products and Services

Cooperatives operate for the benefit of the associations. In a cooperative, those with similar needs act together and pool their resources for mutual gain. Members ensure that their cooperative provides insurance, football games, playoffs and cheer competitions. Members control the conference through participation; they extend democratic practice into their economic lives.

Associations Work Together

Associations work together on the local, regional and national level to promote American Youth Football and Cheerleading.

Join our Ranks

If you are the parent of a football player or cheerleader looking for an association to play for, use our association search tool. If you’re a youth football administrator seeking more freedom in the management of your program or want to take advantage of AYF’s inclusive #NoLimits All American Division team-model, we’d like to speak with you: you may use our contact page or email the President directly at